Creating an exhibition stand that will draw in a crowd is at the top of the list. It needs to look good, but also needs to have a level of versality and functionality. Filling your stand with show stopping print, to effectively display your business personality and offerings is key, but can you add any other accessories to help with promotion?

Display boards are an item which are popular with training, schools and nurseries – but the display board has evolved and can be a lot more useful than you might imagine. With light weight, easy to transport solutions, why not give it a go and see how a display board can help your space and your brand?

Printed Display Boards

With the use of a printed display board you can create a new visual within your stand but on a slightly smaller scale. You have the ability to add custom print, choose your board size and create a configuration which can be reconfigured time and time again.

A great way to show new products and sales you might have running at that time and adds a focus on a particular part of the business.

Loop Nylon Display Board

The popular and most well known board uses a loop nylon fabric. A simple coloured fabric which allows you to attach images, photos, product information with Velcro dots or tape. Offering a securely fastened information board which can be used in all environments to showcase your brand

Laminate Display Boards

Working with a laminate surface is great for a number of reasons. It’s a wipe clean surface so enables you to keep the product clean, and you can attach information with sticky dots or any other fixing methods.

Similarly to the loop nylon solution, you can adapt the information you are displaying. Being able to attach and detach information creates a versatile option and can be used for years to come.