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Why leasing IPv4 addresses is more convenient than buying

For most companies, the availability of public IPv4 addresses is restricted due to an IPv4 address shortage. IPv4 has approximately 4.3 billion unique address combinations and that is not enough. Back in the day, no one expected the internet to expand as it did. Nowadays almost everyone has a computer, smartphone, smartwatch or drone and they all require IP addresses. A solution, IPv6 addresses, is on the way but unfortunately, we are not there yet. 

The benefits of leasing

Internet service providers (ISPs) and private companies that have purchased blocks of IP addresses can lease them to individuals or other companies. In this way, smaller businesses can have access to IPv4 addresses whenever they need them. This is much more convenient than buying IPv4 addresses, which is very time-consuming and complicated, especially when there is a lack of knowledge. Also, the business doesn’t have to worry about selling the IPv4 addresses when they are no longer necessary, for example when migrating to IPv6. If needed, IP addresses can be leased indefinitely. 

One of the biggest benefits is that leasing IPv4 addresses is cost-efficiency. Instead of buying an IPv4 block against high rates, businesses can lease the batch they need in order to fix their network capacity problems and only pay a specific price per month. 

A broker can help

IPv4 lease is pretty easy and can be done within seconds. Find a reliable company, place the order and access to the IPv4 addresses is granted within 48 hours. Prefix Broker is the industry leader in facilitating the commercial transaction, transfer and lease of IPv4 addresses. The specialists of Prefix Broker can guide you towards the right decision and can assist you in your process of leasing IPv4 addresses from start to finish. Their network contains trusted parties willing to provide their IPv4 addresses for lease.